RSS feeds

RSS news feeds are special Internet website pages that contain a list of news items.  An example news item would be:

Title Westholme School chooses Repeat Signage
Summary    Repeat Signage has been deployed throughout Westholme School as their digital signage solution

The link is the www address of a page that has the full story of the news item.   RSS feeds are formatted in a way that allows computers to read and collect these news items.  Many television channels and newspapers publish their stories on their websites as RSS news feeds.  An example would be the BBC World News website.   Click on the link below to see the BBC World News RSS feed:

You can see if you visit the above page the list of today's news.   People that want to see these news feeds would use an RSS news reader, for example on their computer's desktop, to display or scroll this news.  See the BBC page for a list of RSS feed reader software: - Creating RSS feeds for your website

We have moved our free creation service to a dedicated RSS feed server website called  Please visit and sign up for a free account. - Creating and using feeds in Repeat Signage digital signage software

You can also create RSS feeds for use in Repeat Signage digital signage software.  Creating and publishing feeds is exactly the same as creating an RSS feed for your website (see above), however, you don't need to specify a link to the store as Repeat Signage will only display the title and summary (or just the title or summary) of your news items. 

To use your RSS feed in Repeat Signage:

- Open Repeat Signage and create a new presentation or edit an existing one
- On the menu click on 'Insert' then 'Insert Flash RSS reader'
- Copy and paste you RSS feed address (such as<YourName>/news.xml into the box  
- Change the combo box above the preview to see a number of example presets with different designs and you can experiment with the tabs to customise the look of your news feed.
- Click on OK to display it in your presentation
- You can then resize the RSS feed control appropriately

More detailing information on RSS feeds

See for more information on RSS feeds.

RSS news feeds on the Internet

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