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Create free news feeds for your website or to to scroll along the bottom of digital signage advertising screens is a free service that allows you to create and host RSS feeds online, free of charge.   You can use these for your websites, with desktop RSS readers or in digital signage software.  Our news feeds can support Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Greek and other characters. was designed with users of Repeat Signage digital signage software in mind so that they can create, host and maintain RSS feeds to be displayed on plasma screens and LCD monitors in public areas.  This online portal provides a way for Repeat signage digital signage screens to be updated from anywhere in the world.

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Latest Repeat Software News
15 September 2014
Training videos

We have published some training videos to help you get started.

17 August 2014
1,000 new images added

Download over 3,000 free images to use in your Repeat Signage presentations.

05 January 2014
Repeat Signage 2014

Repeat Signage 2014 released.  Free upgrade for all customers.

1 October 2013
Repeat Signage V2.6.9

Repeat Signage can now display Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Writer documents